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بازی Fate/EXTELLA LINK یکی از عناوین سبک اکشن می باشد که توسط  Marvelous در ماه مارس 2019 برای پلتفرم PC منتشر شده است.


 آپدیت Update v20190513-CODEX به محصول اضافه شد


 درباره بازی
Welcome to SE.RA.PH:
Throughout history, secret societies have competed to steer world events in pursuit of a single goal: the Holy Grail. Said to have the power to grant any one wish, the Grail awards that supposed power to the winner of a ritualistic contest, known to a select few as the Holy Grail War. In past Holy Grail Wars, each clandestine contender used magic to summon a champion, called a Servant or Heroic Spirit, based on a figure of history, mythology, or literature. These Servants then battled, in a series of formal duels, on behalf of their Masters until only one of each remained. So it was for centuries, while the Holy Grail — aka the Moon Cell, an ancient supercomputer built into the Moon itself — observed and recorded it all. The Holy Grail Wars, and the drastic measures it took to win them, twisted Earth's history off course. Humanity never developed space travel, not after those in power derailed and forbade all such research. Soon after, and well into the 21st century, war, disease, and natural disasters ravaged the Earth, leaving it a dying husk. Only one refuge still holds for the remnants of humanity: the virtual world of SE.RA.PH, hosted within the Moon Cell supercomputer. With no other escape from Earth, survivors remotely upload their consciousness into the virtual world, hoping to find a new home within its ever-shifting digital landscape. Here, even virtual beings have their own souls, living independent lives in pursuit of their own hopes and dreams. Gone are the arcane words of ancient spells, replaced with lines of code that modern-day Mages — known in the digital realm as “Wizards” - use to replicate the same effects. But even here, the cycle of the Holy Grail War continues - or did, until you came along...
The Story So Far:
You thought you were an ordinary high school student. You, your classmates, and your teachers all went about their very familiar, very predictable routines, week after week. Then, quite by accident, you discovered the truth: Your “school” was part of a virtual world, the chosen battleground for the so-called Moon's Holy Grail War. Most of your friends and teachers were NPCs, slaves to the system, created for the sole purpose of facilitating the “game,” then deleted at the game's conclusion. For all you knew, you were one of them, an NPC yourself. But through a twist of fate, you were also one of the players, 128 of them in all, each forced to choose a Servant and fight in a single-elimination tournament - to the death. Then you won. And the Moon Cell, recognizing you as both the winner and an NPC, granted you a wish even as it began to delete you. You made your wish on behalf of all the NPCs on SE.RA.PH, granting them the freedom to live their own lives as they saw fit. With the NPCs no longer bound to the rules of the game, the wish effectively ended the cycle of the Holy Grail War, leaving you alive as the sole remaining Master on SE.RA.PH. Together with your Servant, a flamboyant female incarnation of Nero Claudius, you were crowned ruler of the digital domain. But other Servants, also freed from the rules, began choosing up sides, and a lawless war - made all the more lawless by a faction of alien destroyers from a faraway star - soon engulfed the new-made world. With passion, perseverance, and a few clever gambles, you and your loyal Servants won through, uniting SE.RA.PH and its people under your banner. The virtual world is quiet now, and its citizens, NPC and human alike, live their lives in prosperous peace. But in a world where any historical hero or villain can emerge from the ether at any moment, nothing stays quiet for long...
Polished, Expanded, and Refined - 10 additional Servants join an all-new storyline, which plays out across beautiful, dynamic stages in a symphony of color and flash. Players can enjoy the action with the original Japanese voice-overs and English subtitles.
More Customization Than Ever - Customize each Servant with a suite of new, personalized attack moves called Active Skills. Plow through the easier difficulties head-on, or take advantage of the detailed statistical menus and vast customization options to prepare for greater challenges
All-New Multiplayer Mode - Find out which Servant would really come out on top in brand-new multiplayer team battles. Gather a team of four allied Servants, customize them, and send them into glorious combat against rival teams!
A Heartfelt, Pulse-Pounding Adventure - Woven into the action is a genuinely moving story - not just about historical figures hitting each other, but about taking joy in the life we're given and the dreams we strive for, even when those dreams, or those lives, fall short.
 سیستم مورد نیاز
Recommended Minimum System Requirements
Windows 7+ (64bit) OS
Intel Core i5-4460 @ 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5-760 @ 2.8 GHz CPU
6 GB RAM 4 GB RAM Memory
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Graphics
14 GB available space DirectX
7 GB available space
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2) فایل های فشرده را توسط نرم افزار WinRar اکسترکت کنید و فایل ISO بدست آمده پس از اکسترکت را به صورت Mount اجرا کنید.
3) به نصب بازی بپردازید.
4) فایل های موجود در پوشه CODEX را در محل نصب بازی جایگزین نمایید.


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  • 19 مارس 2019
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